"At its core, the purpose of our business is to inspire people to live more courageous lives."

A century ago, during the Heroic Age of Exploration, courageous men underwent unimaginable hardship to extend the limits of the known world: for science, for country and for honour. Sir Ernest Shackleton remains the most enduring figure of this age – his life and achievements stand out 100 years later as a reminder of what true character really means. He is also a man who has inspired us both to reach further in our professional lives and personal adventures on land and sea.

We met in 2014 and discovered a mutual attraction to both the Heroic Age and to living modern life to the full. Outside of our professional careers, Ian had a passion for endurance sports and testing his limits in mountain and desert ultra-marathons. Martin had a lifelong obsession with the sea and long-distance sailing. Conversations connecting the past with the present led to the idea of building a modern British brand inspired by Sir Ernest. Both of us knew that we wanted to build something with a bedrock of real substance and we soon realised that, at its core, the purpose of our business should be to inspire people to live more courageous lives. We all know it: when we have the courage to overcome our fears, to step into the unknown, that’s when we feel truly alive.

Living this mantra, we quit our sensible jobs in finance and marketing and embarked on a mission to build a world-class company, worthy of The Boss’ great name. We adopted the nine-pointed star from Shackleton’s gravestone as our guiding light – a reminder to live courageously every day. Some days, that’s making tough decisions at work, on others it’s making sure we escape our desks and head out.

We’ve enjoyed huge support from so many wonderful, inspirational and generous people – explorers, staffers, suppliers, partners and of course our passionate customers.

We thank you all.

We’re on a mission. Join us.

Ian Holdcroft and Martin Brooks
Shackleton Co-Founders