Why does the Antarctic matter to all of us? Join Shackleton for Antarctica Now, a seven-day online festival featuring world-leading experts on all things Antarctica: wildlife, conservation, exploration, climate change and politics.

Antarctica Now is a seven-day online festival of dynamic discussion, pioneering photography and provocative writing. It brings together some of the most exciting people, including geopoliticians, scientists, cartographers, exploration experts and prize-winning photographers, to investigate and bring awareness to the Frozen Continent’s most urgent issues.

While for centuries Antarctica represented the final frontier for ambitious explorers, today scientists are showing that what happens there carries consequences for the whole world. Antarctica Now looks at everything from space satellite technology to underwater robotics, from ice memory banks to Lenin’s bust at the Pole of Inaccessibility to explore the important questions raised by a continent whose future concerns us all.

Speakers include:

Lizzie Daly, Biologist & BBC wildlife broadcaster
Steve Jones
, Expedition Manager at Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions
Klaus Dodds, Professor of Geopolitics at Royal Holloway University of London
Sebastian Copeland, Photographer, filmmaker, explorer & philanthropist

Louis Rudd MBE, Record-breaking polar explorer
Hugh Broughton, Architect and leading designer of research facilities in the polar regions
Dr Mackenzie Grieman, Post Doctoral Research Associate at the Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge University
Tommaso Parrinello, Mission Manager at the European Space Agency

This page will continue to be updated as we get closer to the start of the event.


All talks are free and you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the contributors. Each one will start at 6pm (GMT). If you aren't able to attend the live online event, don't worry – we will be uploading all talks to our website the following day. To be the first in line for the Antarctica Now live talks, fill in the form below.