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Logs from the Journal

South Georgia Archaeological team

Uncovering South Georgia's Dark Past

Shackleton joined a team looking to uncover the mysterious history of South Georgia: an island made famous by the heroic actions of Sir Ernest in 1916…
Arjeplog Blog Header Image

Winter Testing in the World's Weirdest Town

In the far north of Sweden lies a town that for nine months of the year is as tranquil as it is picturesque. However, during winter the town comes to life as it becomes a hub of cold weather car tests for a variety of manufacturers.

Gorgeous new car magazine The Road Rat sent a writer / photographer team to find out more. You might need some proper gear up there, we said.

Pelorus Trans-Greenland Trek Blog Header

Discover What You're Made Of

Shackleton has joined forces with extreme travel specialists Pelorus to offer a truly epic expedition adventure:  a 4 week, 570km traverse of Greenland, led by record-breaking Polar explorer & Shackleton pioneer, Captain Lou Rudd MBE.

Record Breaking Expeditions

'A complete masterclass in partnership between adventurer and brand sponsor.' Steve Jones, Expedition Manager, ALE (Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions).