We are a function-first brand, striving to engineer the world’s best outerwear. In doing so, we use various materials and fabrics that are proven to enhance performance.


Shackleton is proud to be a fur-free brand. The parkas and jackets in our outerwear range feature synthetic fur ruffs, the result of many years of Italian research and development.


The down used in our insulated jackets has been sourced and managed in accordance with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). RDS certification is granted to a company that has had its supply chain audited by a professional, third-party body. It recognises and rewards the best practices in animal welfare.

Down is a renewable resource, a by-product of the food industry – in fact, if not used for insulation it is a waste product. It provides very long-lasting performance and superb value over time, and when ultimately discarded it is biodegradable. None of the down in Shackleton products is ever plucked from live birds.