Scott Sears MBE Breaks South Pole Record

At 9pm on 25 December 2017, British explorer and Shackleton pioneer Scott Sears took the final steps towards the Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole. In doing so, at the age of 27, he become the youngest person in history to complete the 702-mile journey from the frozen Southern Ocean solo and unsupported, smashing the previous record by almost three years.

The expedition took him 38 days to complete, itself a remarkable feat given that he had initially set himself a target of 40 - 50 days. Shackleton is proud to have been the lead sponsor and official clothing supplier to Scott – he was equipped in one of our expedition-grade lightweight down jackets. Handmade in the UK, the pure European goose down provided incredible insulation down to -60ºC; an invaluable asset when tackling the most unpredictable and unforgiving continent on earth.

Scott raised more than £30,000 for the Ghurka Welfare Trust and is a testimony to the Shackleton ethos of optimism, courage and determination.