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  • Shackleton scarf made from 100% Merino wool in black
  • Shackleton scarf with Shackleton logo in black
  • Black merino wool Shackleton scarf
  • Folded black merino wool scarf by Shackleton

Shackleton Merino Scarf - Black

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The Shackleton Scarf is made from the finest 100% Merino wool. The natural fibre gives a soft and luxurious feel against your skin. Not only is the Merino Scarf comfortable and insulating, but it will regulate your body temperature as the weather warms.

This stylish, comfortable, luxury scarf is perfect for winter on the slopes and makes a great gift. It also includes Shackleton's nine pointed star and his inspirational words, 'It is in our nature to reach out to the unknown'.

Materials & Build
  • Made in Leicester..

  • 100% Merino wool.

  • Exceptionally soft & comfortable.

  • Fine yarn and knit.

Key features
  • Length - approximately 184x17cm

  • Features the iconic Shackleton Star on one side and Shackleton brand name on other.

  • Merino is an excellent insulator.

  • Quick drying.

  • Hand wash.

  • Dry flat.