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  • Navy blue Erebus jacket
  • Erebus jacket from Shackleton in navy blue
  • Rear view navy blue Shackleton Erebus jacket
  • Navy blue Shackleton Erebus jacket
  • Blue Erebus down filled jacket
  • Erebus Jacket - Navy
  • Blue down filled Shackleton Erebus jacket
  • Navy blue Erebus down jacket

Erebus Jacket - Navy

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Hand-made, super-light and ultra-warm. The Erebus is an absolute 3-season essential offering maximum warmth with minimum weight.


The definitive best-in-class lightweight insulated jacket, the Erebus is hand-made in Britain  and filled with 100% pure European goose down. Erebus is designed to perform to -10 degrees centigrade and weighs just 330 grams; when compressed, it will occupy less than a litre of space in your day pack.

Some other mass-produced insulated jackets may look a little like this, none will perform like it.

Materials & Build
  • Hand-made in Manchester, England

  • Water resistant lightweight technical fabric.

  • Wind Proof

  • 100% Finest pure European Goose Down - 800 Fill power.

  • Each individual pocket of down is hand filled & stitched.

  • Super-lightweight nylon liner

  • Front Aquazip - fully waterproof

Key features
  • Weight 330grams.

  • Packable to 1 litre for ease of transportation anywhere

  • Unsurpassed warmth to weight ratio from world’s best quality pure goose down.

  • Performance temperature range: 0˚C-10˚C

  • Tested in Antarctica

  • Iconic Shackleton Nine-pointed Star patch on left arm.

  • Nine Pointed Star star featured on press studs and zip pullers.

  • Large rubber zip pullers, designed with pimples on reverse for ease of use with cold hands or whilst wearing gloves.

  • Two outer pockets.

  • Two large internal zipped pockets - close to body core for extra warmth for storing phone & batteries in cold environments.

  • Lower draw cord for a tighter fit - extra protection in stormy conditions.

  • Elasticated wrist cuffs.

  • Internal patch -  “By Endurance We Conquer” E.H.S



Store away clean and dry. When storing use a wide hanger in a warm, dry place. Avoid compressing your jacket for long periods. Only use the provided travel sac when travelling to and from your next adventure and when a more compact size is required.


Small dirty marks on the shell fabric may respond to wiping with a damp cloth. If you decide to use a stain remover, use sparingly and make you sure give the item a good airing before use.


To clean the whole item, washing is the only way to do it yourself. Clothing can be put through a washing machine or hand wash.

Use a mild natural soap product (not detergent) you may need to buy something designed for the job from an outdoor shop. The package will carry its own instructions, so you can follow them, or carry on as below.

  1. Set the washing machine for 'delicate' or 'wool' or the equivalent low temperature wash (usually 30 degrees). Use a side-loading machine.

  2. After it has gone through the spin cycle, most of the water will be out. But it will still need drying. Hang to air dry and give it a shake from time to time until you are satisfied that it is completely dry. Dry very thoroughly.

Packable to 1 litre