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  • Back view of Shackleton natural wool Crewman hat
  • Endurance crew member and Shackleton Crewman hat inspiration Tom Crean

Crewman Wool Hat - Skiddaw

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Our Crewman wool hat is directly inspired by those worn by members of Shackleton's crew, most notably Tom Crean, a century ago.

Luxurious and rugged, the Crewman is knitted in Britain by our skilled artisans and is formed from a rich skiddaw four-ply yarn, offering exceptional softness and natural insulation in even the harshest of conditions. Square when flat, the hat naturally falls into shape when worn, guided by two gathered frayed corners.

Materials & Build
  • Made in Britian 100% certified British four-ply wool yarn
  • Handwash or dry clean