How do I know which Quest is suitable for me?

Each Quest has guidelines on who the experience is best suited to, however if you’re unsure email and we will schedule a call with Louis Rudd who will help you decide.

How cold will it be while on the expedition?

Through March and April, temperatures usually range from -5ºC to -20ºC.

What happens in the event of bad weather?

Shackleton guiding staff will assess the weather in the lead up to the Quests and every day while in Finse. They will be able to alter the route or schedule to make the best of the conditions. If it is unsafe to go out, they will make the call to stay in the camp or hotel.

What happens if I’m struggling on the expedition?

The Shackleton guiding staff have decades of experience in working in extreme cold-weather environments with groups of varying capabilities. Your safety and well-being will be their top priority – if you need to rest, stop or return to the hotel in the event of an emergency, they will be on hand to make the best call given the situation. 

Will I have the right kit?

When you book onto a Quest, you will be sent a comprehensive kit list. Much of the equipment will be supplied by Shackleton. Louis Rudd will check all your kit prior to departure to ensure it is the right standard for the harsh environment you will be entering. 

Is it possible to get vegetarian or vegan expedition foods?

Yes. As long as our guides know of any dietary requirements before departure, they can all be catered for.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

There will be two four-person tents, with three clients in each with a guide. In certain circumstances, we can put people in single-man tents, however all cooking will take place in the four-man tents so that it can be overseen by the guides.

Are the guides first-aid trained?

Yes, all Shackleton guides are first-aid trained and will be carrying first aid kits.

Will I have a phone signal?

Generally speaking, there is good cell coverage in the Finse area, but blackspots in the mountains should be expected.

How do I go to the toilet on expedition?

We will be digging a snow latrine at campsites and on the move it’s a case of digging a small hole in the snow and turning your back to the wind. 

How heavy will the pulks be?

We will be carrying our camping gear and food, so probably a maximum of 25-30kg.

Is there an avalanche risk?

There is always a risk of avalanches in mountainous terrain, but our route selection will avoid any high-risk areas. As a precaution we will be carrying basic avalanche rescue equipment.

Can I book a Quest on an exclusive basis?

You can, yes, as long as no one else has booked any of the spaces on the Quest you're looking at. Even if taking the Quest exclusively, a maximum of six people still applies to ensure the participant-to-guide ratio stays at 3:1.

If you have any other queries, please email