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We produce a limited number of expedition-grade down filled jackets. These garments are handmade in the UK by the very same hands that produce performance critical garments for cold weather expeditions.

We have tested our Discovery and Endurance jackets in Antarctica to minus 20 and beyond. At these temperatures down insulation and Coyote fur hood trims are a performance necessity versus synthetic materials.

All our products are made in the UK and all the materials we use, not just the down and fur, are ethically sourced, carefully selected and are all traceable throughout the supply chain.



The unique hollow structure of each strand of Coyote fur and the design of the hood helps to generate a heat exchange microclimate in front of the wearer's face and allows them to breath in air that has been warmed. As the wearer breathes out warm air from inside of their body the fur traps that warm air. When the wearer then breathes in cold air from the environment this air warms before entering the body and therefore helps to maintain core body temperature. A further benefit is it protects the skin from harsh winds and minimises the risk of skin damage.

As our products are performance and warmth tested in these extremes we use ethically sourced Coyote fur trims for the hood and down for insulation.



Down is recognised as a much more effective and efficient insulator than synthetics, providing approximately three times the warmth per ounce as synthetic insulators. Furthermore:

  • Down is a renewable resource
  • It is a by-product of the food industry, in fact a waste product if not used for insulation
  • It provides very long-lasting performance and superb value over time.
  • When ultimately discarded, down is biodegradable.
  • The highest quality of down, which we use, come from the oldest free range birds.
  • None of the down in Shackleton products is ever plucked from live birds.