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South Georgia Archaeological team

Uncovering South Georgia's Dark Past

Shackleton joined a team looking to uncover the mysterious history of South Georgia: an island made famous by the heroic actions of Sir Ernest in 1...
Arjeplog Blog Header Image

Winter Testing in the World's Weirdest Town

In the far north of Sweden lies a town that for nine months of the year is as tranquil as it is picturesque. However, during winter the town comes ...
Pelorus Trans-Greenland Trek Blog Header

Discover What You're Made Of

Shackleton has joined forces with extreme travel specialists Pelorus to offer a truly epic expedition adventure:  a 4 week, 570km traverse of Green...

Logs from the journal

Mountains In Antarctica

The Eyes of Antarctica

We talk to Steve Jones – Expedition Manager at Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE) – the man responsible for Lou Rudd’s safety as he forges...
Shackleton In The Fall Film

Shackleton On Set (In The Fall)

We check in on the Scottish independent film In The Fall to discover how they found the clothing we sent to cast and crew earlier in 2018...
Fortitude Set Sjostrand

Shackleton On Set (Fortitude)

“The Endurance Parka is an absolute, genuine, totally incredible life-saver…” - Simon Donald, Fortitude Creator & Showrunner
Survival Clothing Shackleton

Survival Clothing In The Early 1900s

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of reliable equipment on a polar expedition. When it comes to Antarctica, having the correct, high qual...
Shackleton Harvey Nichols London

Harvey Nichols Launch

Shackleton opens in Harvey Nichols stores around the UK. The full Shackleton range is now available to see, inspect, try on and buy at the prestigi...
Vital Mental Medicine

Vital Mental Medicine

A complimentary 50-page journal of inspiring quotations with every purchase – a book of fire for cold places.