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Shackleton On Set (In The Fall)

Location: Orkney
Production Co: Gentle Giant Films

Shackleton helps cast, crew and wardrobe departments make outstanding Film and TV productions in extreme and hostile environments. Here we check in on the Scottish independent film In The Fall to discover how they found the clothing we sent to cast and crew earlier in 2018...
In The Fall is the filmic adaptation of a classic short story by acclaimed Canadian writer, Alistair MacLeod. The film was mostly crowdfunded and helmed by producers with experience working at Netflix and the BBC, protected by the hands of Glasgow-based production company Gentle Giant. It’s a stripped-back period drama that unfolds on a remote peninsula of the Scottish Orkney Isles, in the 1920s.
The story pivots around a family of Celtic-origin as they confront the painful moment of sending their working horse to the knacker’s yard. The horse now costs more to keep than it brings in and so the father is faced with a brutal reality: ‘what breaks our hearts is necessary for survival’.       
The film is slow-moving and hard-hitting. The camera sweeps through the family interplay in a fluid, continuous motion, catching sparse notes of dialogue and drinking in the isolation that rolls down from the sheer mountains and crashes inwards with the waves.   
The Shackleton team was excited to join the project, drawn in by the wild, atmospheric setting of the peninsula and also the raw subject matter. We sent Shackleton Endurance Parkas to Producer/Director, Tom Gentle, and members of the crew. Wardrobe requested a special Shackleton Sweater for the young lead actor, Lewis McGowan (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales), accentuating his connection to his father.

In The Fall Beach Scene

Tom Gentle: “The conditions were bitter, I wore the Shackleton jacket non-stop, it was so important to have such high quality gear out there.”

The film was submitted to festivals towards the end of summer, including the Glasgow and London Short Film Festivals, both of which are BAFTA and Oscar-accredited.

"The conditions were bitter, I wore the Shackleton jacket non-stop, it was so important to have such high quality gear out there..."

The project has been supported by novelist Margaret Atwood and also received donations from the likes of Canadian comedian Norm MacDonald and British comedian Alan Davies.


Follow the link below to watch the short film and support the In The Fall Indiegogo Campaign: 

Watch the In The Fall trailer